Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanks A Lot For The Reminder, Emily Rose

I'm a total procrastinator.  Not by choice, though.  Just more because my attention span is shit.  Take today, for example.  I've been trying to balance my checkbook for about 5 hours, and I still haven't done it.  Why, you ask? Because I was surfing Facebook for about 20 minutes and then I decided I was hungry so I went to the refrigerator to look for something to eat, but the tree moving outside distracted me so I went to the door to study the wind speed, and then my stomach growled so I went back to the fridge, took out left overs from last night, ate a couple of bites, and then realized that the football games were starting so I turned on the tv, but while searching through the channels for the football game, I came across Ghostbusters which was already like half over, and I mean, you cannot NOT stop and watch Ghostbusters, so I watched it up until Sigourney Weaver goes all possessed (interesting side note -- did you know that spell check totally recognizes and accepts "Sigourney"?, that shit barely recognizes MY name, and my name is like the most basic name ever), and then I was like shit! my checkbook! because apparently demonic possession reminds me about my checkbook, and I looked at the tv like thanks a lot for the reminder, Emily Rose, so I went to my purse to get my checkbook out, but then I noticed my phone on the counter and the messages that I hadn't answered so I was like shit, I should probably answer those, and then after I answered the messages I was like dude, I could really go for a soda right now, so I went to go get one, opened it, but didn't take a drink because right at that moment I remembered that I was going to check the score of the football game, so I went back to the tv to change the channel because Ghostbusters was still playing and I had totally forgotten about it, and by that time Ghostbusters II was playing, and the guy that works in the museum with the hilarious accent was on, and I freaking love that guy "plees, tell me, why are you came?"  hahahahaha!! see? hilarious!  And so then... shit. hold on. I forgot where I was.  Let me go back and re-read what I was writing.... ok, right, changing the channel, so I changed the channel back to the football game, and then I remembered about my checkbook so I was headed to my purse again, but I saw my laptop on the table and realized that I should write a post today, so I sat down, and now here we are.  For real, dude.  This is my life.  Every. Day.

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