Monday, December 9, 2013

I Should Come With A Warning Label

My BFF (that's "Best Friend Forever" for those of you who've been living on Neptune since the late 2000's) just told me that she reads my blog and a verse from The Bible every day.  I laughed at first, because she was all, you should feel totally special, dude.  But as I was walking through the house later, I stopped in my tracks because I was like, huh. I bet she reads the Bible to counteract the shit she reads here. And possibly to counteract my entire half of the friendship.  And that, people, is why my BFF is the yin to my yang, or the Yang to my Meredith.  The good decisions to the fucked-up bullshit I often manage to get myself into.  BFF's, y'all.  Find one.

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