Thursday, December 19, 2013

N to the Y to the QUI. L. Shit.

I feel like NyQuil is the secret weapon to surviving life.  Feel a cold coming on? NyQuil.  Throat a little scratchy? NyQuil.  A little fever? NyQuil.  Some achiness? NyQuil.  Can't sleep? NyQuil.  Need to check out for a few hours because you just can't handle shit at that exact moment? NyQuil.   See?  It works all the way around.  Last night I took some because I was feeling pretty shitty and flu-ish, and it made me remember the time in college when me and some of my friends were all sick at the same time, so we each brought a bottle and enjoyed some nice NyQuil shooters before passing out.  It was like a cookie exchange. Except no one ate cookies because we were all buzzing on NyQuil and flu symptoms.  Good times, yo. Good times.

I also feel like I should enter a disclaimer on this post too, saying something like "I do NOT, in fact, condone the use of NyQuil for uses other than those directly listed on the provided directions", because some people are gonna be all, OMG, she's actually condoning the use of NyQuil as a way to get through life!  And I'm all, chill the fuck out people. It's fucking NyQuil. And this is a blog. Learn to take a joke, yo.

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