Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bacon Mayonnaise, Dude

Apparently, The Travel Channel is having a mini-marathon of the Food Paradise shows today, and I was doing ok until they got to the sandwich episode, and somewhere after the po' boy, and the steak sandwich with bacon mayonnaise, I think I may have lost consciousness for a second (on account of the hunger), because the next thing I knew I was crawling my way to the kitchen desperately looking for something equally delicious to eat, and just when I thought I wasn't going to make it, I called out "Wilson!" as I reached out my arm, and collapsed on the floor.

Ok, that may have been an exaggeration.  But, still.  I don't know who's more sadistic.  The people at The Travel Channel for making such a deliciously taunting show.  Or me for watching it.  But, c'mon, you guys... BACON MAYONNAISE?  That shit is straight out of the Book of Deliciousness.

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