Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alligators From Satan

So, this morning, as I was surfing through the current events and news stories that pop up when I open the internet, I came across the usual suspects.  You know, there are always stories about global warming, and the environment, and civil unrest in foreign countries, and current economic climates.  The important stuff.  And there, interspersed between shit that actually matters, was a story title about Justin Bieber's 20th birthday, and some sort of "journey through his life story".  Because Justin Bieber's questionable navigation through his mere 20 years of life is completely comparable to the political climates that shape our universe, yo.  And then the story title that followed that was about rare albino alligators that are creepy as fuck.  I feel like that story was the news's way of saying, sorry, people, we know. but we had to put the Bieber shit in the mix because he gets butt hurt if we don't mention him every once in a while, but here's a story for you about alligators from Satan to restore your faith in us.

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