Monday, February 24, 2014

2K, Bitch. 2K

Holy shitsnacks, people!  We're at 2000 hits on this blog!!!
Y'all are the bomb.  Like, for real.  Keep on reading, and clicking on my page (, and tell your friends to search the link also, and if they have Facebook, tell them to search for the Facebook page and like it, too, so that we can keep growing.  Like a cult.  Except, not scary. And one where people can feel whatever the hell they feel like feeling, because we're all chill here.  And normal. Well, ok, maybe not normal normal, but normal like a cult of awesomeness and friendship and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
2K, you guys.  Seriously.  This is a goddamn milestone.  Picture me standing outside your window right now, holding up a boombox like John Cusack.  Except the boombox is playing the theme song from The Golden Girls.
Thank you for being a friend, yo.

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